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Yoga, Multiple Sclerosis & Neurological Conditions

By Mary Hilliker, RDN, E-RYT 500, CYT Yoga can be a helpful practice of self-care for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurological conditions (such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, Lyme’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease). Yoga practices such as gentle postures, seated breathing practices, hand movements, guided relaxation, sound, and meditation can […]

Sweet Slumber: Yoga for Better Sleep

by Mary Hilliker, RDN, E-RYT 500, CYT When sleep escapes you and fatigue is your daytime companion, it’s time to evaluate what action you can take to improve sleep. Your yoga toolbox has many tools but you need to know which ones to apply to your situation. The roots of sleeplessness may be related to […]

Renew Again Every Day

Yoga is a daily renewal, a practice of stopping, slowing down, breathing and moving consciously, witnessing thoughts, and setting or renewing intentions. This daily renewal might be just 5 minutes of conscious breathing, 10 minutes of meditation, or a 20 minute yoga posture practice that helps you prepare for or unwind from your day. Whatever […]

Breathe Your Way to Vitality & Stress Reduction

By Mary Hilliker, RDN, E-RYT-500, CYT I’m a skeptic.  I’m not into the latest diet craze, exercise routine, electronic device or trendy clothing designer.  I don’t own a purse that costs more than the monthly home mortgage.  But I am into science and I love what research continues to teach us about our experiences as […]

Yoga for EmBODIED Awareness: Conscious Eating, Active Living, Habit Change

Using Yoga for EmBODIED Awareness: Yoga for Conscious Eating, Active Living and Habit Change Can the tools of yoga help us change our habits?  Yoga is a powerful practice for transformation and change.  The tools of yoga can be applied in specific ways to help us strengthen will and change habits around food, exercise and […]

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Yoga for Upper Back Pain

Yoga for Upper Back Pain by Mary Hilliker, RDN, E-RYT 500, CYT The skeleton is an amazing chassis, the support structure for movement and a protector of our internal organs and glands.  Just like a car chassis, we may start out with our own unique skeletal attributes and over the years add wear and tear.  […]

Gut Health, Yoga & Conscious Eating

by Mary Hilliker, RD, E-RYT 500, Certified Viniyoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist In an earlier article, I covered the basics of yoga and healthy eating for better digestion.  The ancients in India understood the connection between digestion and health and elucidated it through the science of Ayurveda.  Modern scientific studies have shown the connection between […]

Yoga for Healthy Aging – Body, Mind and Mood

by Mary Hilliker, RD, RYT 500 Are you interested in better balance, improved reaction time, sound memory, and emotional calmness?   Through body-mind practices such as yoga, we strengthen all of these aspects of a healthy aging brain. The physical practice of yoga, known as asana, helps strengthen muscles that are weak (remember, we lose muscle […]

Yoga & Winter Seasonal Changes

by Mary Hilliker, RD, E-RYT 500, CYT “This season of the year grinds the very soul out of me.  My nerves lose their tone, my teeth ache, and my courage falls to the bottomless bottom of infinitude.” – Henry Adams in a letter to Charles Milnes Gaskell, 1869   Are there days, weeks or months that […]

Feel Your Best with Yoga: Cancer Treatment and Recovery

by Mary Hilliker, RD, E-RYT 500, Certified Viniyoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist Life changes in an instant with a diagnosis of cancer.  It’s like a big wave crashing through the house rearranging everything.  How do you manage the big wave?  The ancient science of yoga provides useful tools for coping with the diagnosis and treatments […]